Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week I wrapped up the $25 dollars a week challenge and am very happy to report that I did it!!!! At the beginning of the month I withdrew $100 dollars and paid cash for the groceries. Some days I wanted to spend more than $25 dollars, but I wanted to be honest with myself and you about my spending.

I recall one time I had to put one newspaper back, because I was going to be over the budget. Another time I had to put a pack of chicken that was on sale back simply because I didn’t have enough cash with me to pay for it. As silly as it may sound, but I loved the challenge. Each week $25 dollars was more than enough for us. In fact, I was able to buy things that we wanted and didn’t have coupons for. By the way I didn’t feel one drop of guilt.

This week I bought ingredients for taco soup (yummy). I spotted organic potatoes that were on manager’s special and used them to make yummy potato pancakes. I am sure by now you are getting hungry! Eggs were also on sale at Ingles this week, so I bought two dozens.

Ingles was running a promotion on cereal so I was able to buy 4 boxes of Cheerios of course with coupons. I couldn’t help and grabbed several packages of ground turkey that were reduced for quick sale. Organic orange juice was also on managers special this week, which we enjoyed drinking it this week!

All in all this week’s deals were boring, but all the items that I bought sure came in handy when I spent all day cooking. And I have a picture to prove my hard work…just look at my messy sink!

Total spent: $24.74

Total saved: $31.84

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