Saturday, May 8, 2010


Week 1

I have previously mentioned that I am on a $25 dollars a week grocery budget for the month of May. This week I didn’t buy tons of items and actually bought items that we needed or wanted. My husband has been asking for Banana Nut Cheerios for several weeks now but I have been too cheap to pay almost $4 for one box. So I was more than excited when Bi-Lo had a promotion if you buy 4 boxes of cereal you receive $6 dollars off your purchase. I jumped on this offer and used additional two coupons that reduced my cost to $1 + for a box of Cheerios. One box of cereal is missing from the picture because my husband took it to work before I had a chance to position my groceries for a picture.

At Ingles this week I stocked up on organic apple juice and meat. On Sunday I picked up one newspaper because I was almost pushing the limits of my allotted budget amount.

I stopped by CVS after church to pick up free milk utilizing my ECB. Dish soap was on sale for $0.99 and I had $1 off coupon making both of my bottles free. I was so hungry…well I was starving to be honest, so I also picked up two candy bars…yummy!

All in all I had ok week. I picked up items that we wanted and some items that we needed. I enjoyed my days off from excessive shopping!

Total spent: $22.32
Total saved: $32.31

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