Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making Money at CVS

My biggest and proudest moment at CVS was when I spent a little bit over $ 3 dollars on products worth $301.10 dollars. In no time you too will be able to save just as much at CVS and this is how we are going to do it. Let’s say that CVS is running a special on Colgate toothpaste, buy one at $3.49 and get 3.49 ECB, and in small print it is noted limit 5 per household. This means that you will pay out of pocket $3.49 and CVS will give you at the end of your receipt 3.49 Extra Care Bucks to use on your next purchase (expiration date on the ECB is listed on the coupon). ECB can be treated as real money at CVS and any item can be purchased with them. Now, since the ad stated that you can purchase 5 tubes of toothpaste per household, this means that you can reuse the same 3.49 ECB to purchase 4 more tubes of toothpaste at no cost to you! At the end, you spent $3.49 out of pocket, purchased five tubes of toothpaste and left with 3.49 ECB to use on your next purchase. The trick of using ECB is to keep on rolling over the free money before it expires, which will allow you to purchase discounted items or score free items. CVS has an item almost every week that is free after Extra Care Bucks. Sure, you initially might have to invest $20 out of pocket to gain ECB money, but it is all worth it in the end.

Now that you have invested in ECB, you are ready to make money at CVS. Let’s use the same scenario with the toothpaste. You are purchasing Colgate toothpaste that cost $3.49 and you have $1.50 manufacturing coupon that you clipped from your Sunday paper inserts. Now you will only have to pay $2 dollars out of pocket and CVS will award you with 3.49 ECB. I call these transactions, playing a CVS game. So if I have five $1.50 manufacturing coupons, when rolling my ECB from one transaction to another I can pick up a pack of gum for $1.50 to make up the difference and pay nothing out of pocket. This means when I hand over one tube of toothpaste and one pack of gum, my total would come to $5 dollars. I then hand over $1.50 coupon for toothpaste that brings my total down to $3.50 plus I have 3.49 ECB this means that my purchase is free. However, please note that you do have to pay taxes on the items that you purchase and ECB do not cover it.

Since I have acquired so many free items by playing CVS game that I now utilize my ECB each week on free items. When I make extra ECB by combining sale with coupons, I save the bucks and then redeem them for items that we need. For example, I paid only tax for two boxes of trash bags because I had extra ECB that I needed to spend. I hope that now you feel confident in shopping at CVS and making ECB to cover your needs and wants. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at tightwadintraining @ gmail . com (remove spaces).

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