Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Real Stories from Real People

guest post written by Tammy Bennett

My husband loves the Celtic women. I didn't even know who they were until one night he called me when they were on TV raising money for the local education channel. But, for those who may not know them, they are a group of Irish women. They are not only talented musically but also very pretty. They have an awesome violinist, which is probably the best I've heard.They are accompanied by backup singers, but we were really impressed with the drums and all the extra instruments. I have to admit I was a little jealous when my husband first introduced me to them on TV, he said " Don't they sing and look like angels " of course he was trying to aggravate me.

Over the last year or two he would pull up a clip on Internet and show me or we'd see clips on TV. Well,I saw an advertisement that Celtic women would be at the BI-LO Center on Valentine's day. I thought it would be a great surprise gift for my husband if I could get tickets. I went online only to find out that tickets cost at least $169.00 or more. I thought oh well, because there was no way we could afford them. Then I remembered a friend in our frugal class that had written a letter to let the zoo know how much her kids would love to go and they sent her free tickets.

Well I knew I wouldn't get $169.00 in free tickets, but what the heck maybe I could get a discount. I wrote the person in charge of the Bi-Lo Center asking if they ever considered giving discount tickets. Only in my case we had some serious illnesses etc. that happened in 2006 that had taken us a while to recover from. I explained that I would love to be able to surprise my husband with these tickets as his Valentine present for him taking such great care of me. I actually then forgot all about the letter I sent. I came home one day before Valentine's day which was on a Sunday and my husband reminded me that I have to work second shift Sunday. He kept saying it and I kept trying to tell him how much money I had saved at the grocery store. He finally said, "You are not listening". So I said, "WHAT!" The rascal had got the mail and ripped open the envelope, which had tickets for the Celtic women concert and ruined my surprise! The tickets were totally free! Two tickets worth a total of $169.00 with a hand written letter for us to enjoy. I just praised God for His Love and Goodness. We went to the concert and had a wonderful time.

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