Friday, May 21, 2010

Send Me, I'll Go...

Kibera Slum

It was time to leave Owasso and head on to Kibera slum, where we would spend the remainder of our mission trip. I will never forget our last evening in Owasso. It was the toughest day during the whole trip, when I had to say goodbye to my sweet Lillian. All the locals were invited for dinner at our camp, and guess what we ate that night?! A goat! I actually met that goat the day before when he was tied up to the pole next to our shack. Needless to say, I went hungry that night. I was dreading for dinner to be over, because I am not very good with saying goodbyes. As I hugged my Lillian, I didn’t want to let go of her. God showed me through Eph 3:18, how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ”. My tears ran uncontrollably while my Lillian sobbed. Her tiny arms were wrapped around my waste would not let go.

All the local adults started to call children to come home and that is when Lillian’s arms became unglued and she ran away as fast as she could. As I watch her run and her slim figure was disappearing in the distance, my heart was torn apart. Two of my other teammates were seating on the grass crying also. I joined them and we shared with each other how much this children meant to us. We then prayed for God’s hand to be upon them protecting and providing for them.

In the morning it was time for us to leave Owasso. The problem arose when our bus didn’t show up to pick us up. For the next three hours we sat on the grass talking what foods we will eat upon our return to the US. We were so tired and hungry that I would have probably eat en cheese if someone offered it to me (just a side note, I do not like cheese). After a while we began to wonder if our bus drivers forgot about us, but we were then informed that we were in Africa where concept of time does not exist. Finally our bus arrived and we were ready to see what God had in store for us in Kibera.

To be continued…

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