Saturday, May 1, 2010


Since I spent very little on groceries last week, I had extra money to play with this week. I had to drive to Atlanta this week, so I decided to stop by Publix on my way home. My proudest purchase was value size breakfast bars that were B1G1, plus I had $2 dollars off peelie allowing me to score a box for $0.75! Since my husband loves Sun Chips and they were on sale also for $3 a bag, I bought 4 bags and used four $0.55 coupons. Peanut butter was not on sale, but my husband has been begging me to buy regular and not organic peanut butter for some time now, so I splurged. All five packages of yogurt were only $1.25 ($0.25 per pack) after $0.50 coupon. I paid $1 dollar for English muffins after I used $1 off coupon. Finally I very much splurged and paid $4.99 (ouch!) for a container of Mexican cheese.

I didn’t have much that I needed at CVS this week, so I just picked up 2 packs of toothbrushes which were free after ECB.

Ingles was good to me this week. I was able to buy reduced for quick sale salmon and meat. Organic apple juice was also on my list to buy this week, since my husband can drink 4 bottles a day. A bag of apples were on managers special for $1.99, so I purchased 2 bags with hopes of making homemade apple sauce.

Finally my last stop was at Bi-Lo. I have been holding on for my free Eddie’s ice cream coupons for several months now and I felt very good to finally redeem them. Bi-Lo was running a special B1G1 Eddie’s ice cream, so I was able to score 4 FREE containers! I also utilized $0.55 cents coupons off Land O Lakes natural eggs and I had no coupons for Ray’s BBQ sauce.

All in all I had fun grocery shopping this week. My total spent $59.97, while my total saved $105.07

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