Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iced Coffee, Please!

photo credit: Avlxyz

The taste of coffee never appealed to me. I would much rather eat ice cream with extra hot fudge than drink bitter coffee. Occasionally I enjoy specialty drinks from Starbucks, but that does not happen very often. My interest for coffee really died when I was studying with my best friend for exam during our college years. I had caffeine overload that night, my heart was racing so fast I thought that I was going to die. Since I don’t drink coffee or soft drinks, my body experienced caffeine shock. However, because my best friend drinks coffee regularly and had no effect from caffeine, she had a good laugh at me as I kept on telling her that my heart was going to come out of my chest.

To this day I still do not like drinking coffee. On the other hand, my husband can not go a day without coffee. He does not care for fancy shmancy coffee drinks and prefers his coffee black with no creamer or sugar! But if you like making cold iced coffee this tip is for you! When fixing a new pot of coffee for my husband, I pour the leftover coffee out. Most likely you do the same thing. Next time you are about to pour the old coffee out ask yourself if the coffee can be reused. Take out your ice cube tray, pour the leftover coffee in it and freeze it. When making iced coffee, pop several coffee cubes in your glass and enjoy it. As your ice cubes melt, your coffee doesn’t get watered down. You are saving money, eliminating waste all while enjoying a big glass of iced coffee!

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