Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Steps to Saving Money at CVS - Part 2

Yesterday we talk about the first 5 steps that will help you save money at CVS and today we will continue to talk about the last 5 steps that will help you maximize your savings.

6) Get to know your cashier and please be nice to them

Cashier can be your best friend or your worst enemy, when it comes to coupons. I am always nice to all my cashiers because I can only imagine what goes through their mind when I present 20 coupons for them to scan. Most of them do not mind and I always try to make their scanning job as painless as possible. If you nice to your cashier, they will be nice back to you. My favorite CVS is about 20-25 minutes away, which is 10 minutes further from the CVS that is closer to our house. I do not mind driving 10 extra minutes because I love customer service and I got to know the manger of the store, who is super nice and always there to help. When you do establish your favorite store in which you like to shop, give a call to customer service and let them know about your pleasant experience. Sales personnel at the store work hard to please you (customer) and deserve the recognition from time to time.

7) You can shop at CVS on Saturday for the upcoming Sunday’s deals.

The sales cycle at CVS starts on Sunday. However, most stores switch to Sunday sales on Saturday around lunch time. This means that on Saturday you can score this week’s and next week’s sales. Check with your local CVS to find out when they switch to next weeks sales. When I walk into the store on Saturday, I ask for the upcoming week’s sales paper just to make sure that I grab the right size item that CVS advertises. You can also visit www.iheartcvs.com to have a sneak peak of upcoming sales.

8) Always stop by the Red Coupon Machine

Most CVS stores around the US now have the red coupon machines. As soon as I walk in to the store, I scan my card and it prints coupons. The best part about shopping at CVS is that I can combine store coupons with manufacturing coupons. For example, when I recently scanned my card, I received a store coupon for $7 dollars off $20 dollars purchase of Revlon products. The following week CVS had B1G1 sale on their Revlon line, plus I had $2 dollars off any Revlon product coupon. I used $7 dollars off $20 dollars off coupon combined with several $2 dollars off manufacturing coupon. I paid pennies for 4 mascaras.

9) Look out for unadvertised sales and clearance

CVS likes to be sneaky sometimes and have unadvertised deals that I came across several times. One time I was buying miniature snickers to send to my dad in Belarus. My plan was to use my ECB and pay nothing for two bags of candy. When I brought two bags to the cash register, I learned that the price is not $4 that I anticipated, but instead $0.49 per bag. You guessed it right; I went back and grabbed several more bags. Next time you shop also look out for clearance. Right after Christmas time, CVS marks down most of its cosmetics 75% off and when combined with coupons can cost you less than $1 dollar.

10) Pay attention to the limit

When you spot an amazing deal while studying weekly CVS sales paper, read carefully the limit underneath the deal. Let say the sales paper is advertising toothpaste for $3 and you will get back 3 ECB. If the limit states 2, that means that you can purchase 2 tubes of toothpaste and will received 6 ECB. However, if the limit states 1 the 3 ECB will only print once. If you decide to buy another tube of toothpaste no ECB will print at the end of the receipt.

Happy CVS shopping!

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