Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bucket Stealing Dogs

I was able to snag 5 buckets for my tomato plants from our local grocery store. Before I could start my planting process, I first had to scrub the buckets that were full of leftover sticky icing. One by one I took the buckets in to our kitchen sink, fill them up with soap and hot water and let them soak. I then would use a sponge to scrub, scrub, and scrub. My favorite bucket was full of leftover chocolate icing, but I was not the only one who thought that. Our neighbors’ dogs for some odd reason found the bucket with chocolate icing appealing as well. I noticed when the dogs came in and let them have leftover chicken. Usually they lie down on our porch for several hours before going back home. I guess they fill obligation to protect our house for at least several hours, since we are feeding them.

After eating their food, the dogs decided to take a nap. I took the bucket with green icing inside to wash. When I went outside the chocolate bucket was MIA (missing in action). As I looked around I saw two mischievous dogs looking at me with a chocolate icing bucket standing in front of them. The big dog must have dragged the bucket off our porch into our yard. They are famous for taking items off our porch and taking it to another neighbor’s yard. Thankfully they were caught before the chocolate bucket ended up in our neighbor’s property, who I am sure would not care for the bucket as much as the dogs and I care for it. Their stealing act made me laugh and sure enough made my evening.

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