Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Save Money on a Hairstyle

My friend’s haircuts always look perfect. Beautiful highlights and carefully trimmed long locks accentuate her sun kissed skin tone. Working in the business office of a cosmetology school, she always gets latest and greats haircuts for free. Since free is my favorite word, I would admire her picture perfect haircuts and wish that I can get my haircut for free too. But, since I do not work at a cosmetology school, free hairstyles are not an option for me. As I have shared before with you, I barter with my co-worker in exchange for a haircut. If bartering for a haircut is not your cup of tea, the option that I am about to share with you may do the trick. Call a cosmetology school in your area and sign up for a trainee to cut and style your hair. Yes, you will have to pay, but it will be a fraction of what you would pay at a salon. This way, not only are you doing a favor for a trainee, by letting him or her practice on your hair. You are also receiving a favor back by paying pennies for a new hair color or a haircut.

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