Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Send Me, I'll Go...

The smell of trash no longer bothered me, but I still couldn’t believe what my eyes witnessed every single day as we walked through the slum. The level of poverty was unreal. Even the smallest house in the US seemed liked a mansion in comparison to the Kibera’s mud huts. Thrift store clothes seemed like the designer clothes compared to the worn our dirty clothes that children of Kibera had on. McDonald’s kids meal would most likely taste like a five start restaurant to many residents of Kibera, because starvation was a norm to many. Oh yeah, how could I forget hot water! It was non existent to most along with TVs, cars, and latest electronics just to name a few. During one of our door to door visits, I met a woman who had nothing. From her story I learned that she lost a baby and had nowhere to go. She came to Kibera to look for relatives, but could not locate them. Her feet were unbelievable swollen and someone gave a chair for her to seat on. She didn’t know what she was going to do and look so hopeless. My teammate and I laid our hands on the woman’s feet and prayed, prayed and prayed. My friend, do you feel blessed right now to have a job, a roof over your head and hot meal every evening? Stop right now and thank God for your blessings!!! Those who know God and reside in Kibera are blessed too. Yes, they do not have all the material things, but they have faith that can move the mountains. The Word of God says in Matt 17:20, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." I will never forget the church service that we attended while we lived in Kibera. Quickly I learned that the building does not make up the church, but the body of the believers does. Locals worshiped God so wholeheartedly and with such joy that I still long to experience that in the US. It was normal for the church service to last 3 years and no one around me looked at their watch as lunch time approached. The simple truth was that most of the people didn’t have lunch plans but their growling stomachs didn’t interrupt their time with the Lord. Every moment of worship with God was treasured by Kenyans as they danced and praised Him. And for the first time the Bible verse 2 Sam 6:14 became a reality for me, “And David danced before the LORD with all his might”. It was so amazing to be real with God not worrying if my pew neighbor going to think that I am crazy for jumping up and down or singing every other verse to the song that I have never heard before. When the Holy Spirit does cartwheels inside of me, which happens often when I am listening to the Christian music, I should join in and not worry about what someone else thinks of my worship style. As I hummed a very well known song, my God was right there with me. “When the music fades and all is stripped away and I simply come. Longing just to bring something that's of worth that will bless Your heart”.
To be continued…


  1. Wow, your stories are unbelievable! My children come running to watch the videos. I will read this post to them. It's so important for them to "see" how other children live and to be moved to compassion.

  2. Oh Oxana!
    I LOVE all of your posts like this (and ALL of your other ones too!)

    My blog is private, so I would need your email to send you an invitation to my blog because I am really interested in helping the poor and needy, and stuff like that. I hope to someday have an unprivate blog and inspire tons of people and help them to know how to help others in need, and also tell them about Jesus!

    Have a great evening Oxana.