Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

This week was very interesting in terms of budget shopping. One day at lunch I stopped by Rite Aid and combined B1G1 coupons with B1G1 sale on Cover Girl makeup. I paid $3.30 (tax) and saved $110.06 dollars on makeup. Because I had a Rite Aid gift card, I ended up paying nothing out of pocket. I will be able to give all the makeup to my mom for her to take home, when she comes to visit us this summer. She always brings gifts back from America for family and friends.

I have to share with you about my sweet mom. My mom checks my blog daily and although she can’t read or speak English she loves to look at the pictures that I post. It tickles me when I receive an e-mail from her asking me, “So what did we get for free this week?” I can’t wait for my mom’s visit and I will make sure to introduce her to you all.

Another stop I made this week was at Ingles. I bought reduced for quick sale meat and other staples that we needed. Prior to my $25 budget goal, we usually spent $50 a week on groceries. However if I saw a great deal on meat, I would buy it and at times go way over my budget. But this week I had $25 dollars in cash so when I went shopping and picked up 3 packs of meat, after quick calculation I put one pack of meat back. I was going to be over the budget and wanted to be honest with myself and you in keeping my $25 a week goal.

Quick run to CVS concluded my shopping trip. I utilized my ECB and snatched a free tube of toothpaste and free milk.

Total spent: $22.23
Total saved: $138.34

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