Friday, May 14, 2010

Send Me, I'll Go...

Even though I knew that God would provide for my trip to Kenya, I still managed to stress about it because I did not know where the money would come from. I sent out a lot of support letters to family and friends but did not receive good response. This intensified my worries as the time was ticking and only small potion of the total costs was covered. My best friend suggested that I speak at her parents’ and grandparents’ Sunday school classes. However I still doubted that my trip would be possible because no way would $30 or $50 donations would cover the cost of my trip. But God proved me wrong! The Word of God says in 2 Tim 2:13, “If we are faithless, Christ will remain faithful”. Amen.

It was bright and sunny day. As I was driving to church to speak about my upcoming trip to Kenya, I was a little nervous about asking for people’s support. During the first Sunday school class, I received several checks and promises to support my mission trip. As I was walking out of the class to go to the next one, one lady stopped me and handed me a check. While walking to the next room, I opened the check and saw that it was for $500 dollars! “O, ye of little faith (Matt 8:26)”, the Lord gently spoke to me. I felt ashamed that I did not trust God’s provision. While sharing my calling to go to Kenya with another Sunday school, I felt much more confident that money will not be an issue. In fact, I received several more checks and promises of support along with $1000 dollars donation from one couple!!! Did you get this? Within two hours God covered almost half of my mission trip cost. I was so thankful for the obedience and kindness of the people that donated money to make my mission trip possible. The Word of God say in Phil 4:19, “God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Jesus Christ”. God had a plan for me to go to Kenya on a mission trip and He met all my needs.

As a mission trip date was approaching fast, I was amazed at how fast my account was growing that would cover my trip expense. Not only did God provided money to cover my trip, but He also provided enough to cover all the medical expense that was associated with going to Kenya. I should have never worried nor doubted God’s abilities as an ultimate provider. He knew my needs and He blessed me beyond my imagination. Now it was time for me to seat and wait until it was time for me to depart on my trip.

To be continued…

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