Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is my missing sock?

Our washing machine and a dryer are known for eating our socks and I am not kidding about it. There have been many times that I go to fold clothes and socks are missing…well…actually one stock is missing. I would then pair the lonely sock with another lonely sock creating a miss matched pair. Although my husband doesn’t seem to mind miss matched socks (as long as they are the same color), the MIA socks drive me crazy. Some days when I do laundry I just pile all socks together in a basket and wait for the day when I am so thrilled to match all hundred and one sock that I just can’t contain myself.

These “oh happy socks” days are few and far in between because I found an amazing method of keeping our socks from going missing on laundry days. I came across this trick some time ago and it has been working wonders. Ok…you are probably dying to know what it is…so here you go. Before I do laundry I clip a pair of matching socks with a safety pin and throw them in the washing machine. After the socks dry, in a matter of a few minutes I unpin them and fold together. Our socks our no longer MIA and I enjoy stress free “I don’t have to look for this sock ever again” laundry days!

Do you have time saving laundry tip?


  1. It is so funny that you should post this because I heard this a couple of years ago; every since thin I have always pinned my socks together and have yet to lose a sock or have mismatched socks ... it saves time doing laundry too! Now if only I could get my husband to buy in ... :)

  2. I always roll the tops of the socks together because that's the part that's obviously not that dirty and they dry fairly well in the dryer like that. When I take them out of the dryer, I fold them long over each other and they dry quickly in the drawers if they are still a touch damp. Sometimes I find the pins leave little holes or runs, depending on the type of sock.

  3. I hate mismatched socks with a passion. I try to solve that problem by buying MANY pairs of the same exact sock when it comes times to get new ones. I might buy 20 pairs of the same black socks, which will last me a few years, but it greatly simplifies the after-laundry-matching.