Thursday, September 23, 2010

Russian Potatoes

I am a potato eater! Growing up my daddy and mama made the best pan fried potatoes with onion. When I request a dish made with potatoes, my dad would give me a knife and potatoes to peel. Needless to say by the age of 12 I could have entered and won a contest for the best potato peeler, because of my potato peeling experience. When I moved to the US, I started to make this simple dish and it was a hit with my picky eater husband. Now I make this potato side pretty frequently.

While you are peeling potatoes, turn the stove on and let you frying pan covered with a little bit of olive oil warm up.

Wash potatoes and start cutting it in small pieces.

Cover the frying pan with lid and let your potatoes cook for at least 30 minutes turning them occasionally.

In a mean time cut 1 medium/small size onion in tiny pieces and fry it in another pan until golden brown.

Uncover you potatoes and mix cooked onion in the frying pan. See if the potatoes are cooked by using a fork and trying to cut potato pieces in half. If you can easily cut potato in half, then it is done. You can serve potatoes with steaks, chicken, pork chops…the options are limitless.

Enjoy it!


  1. I make these and call them hash browns! :) Yum!

  2. I found your blog through another friend's blog, and posted the Christmas box post on my blog about you. I thought it was so wonderful. I love your potato post here, because I have a daughter named Olga, who is from Russia, and she is a great potato lover like you, and has even made the potatoes very much like yours. She has definitely gotten the award in our house for the best potatoes. I think she learned to make them a little like you did. MMMmm it is making me hungry just looking at your pictures.
    Many Blessings,