Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be content with what you have

It was 100 degrees outside, but it sure felt like 300 degrees as I was riding in my car with the windows down, because my AC was not working. Daniel and I had to run an errand in a near by town and riding in my car was our only option that day. Ill from feeling overheated and sweaty I looked at my left arm and shook my head. Seriously, I looked like half cooked lobster. One arm that enjoyed the sunshine because of the rolled down window was completely red and burned, while my other arm was as white as a ghost. My husband was also feeling the weather, because he had to deal with not so friendly me.

Before heading home Daniel proposed for us to stop by the mall so he can see if the shoes that he has been wanting are on sale. I reminded him that I needed a button up shirt to go with a skirt that I was planning to take on a business trip. After we enjoyed a small discount of purchasing Daniel’s shoes, I started to look for a shirt that I wanted. We stopped by one store and they didn’t have exactly what I wanted. The cheapest button up shirt was $29 dollars. We moved on to the next store where I spotted “the one”, the beautiful pink button up shirt with no bright discounted sale stickers on it. I put it back on the rack only to be question by my husband if something was wrong with the shirt. The price was just not right ($39 dollars), but he nicely told me to get it. But I just couldn’t see myself paying $39 dollars for one shirt. The $39 dollars could feed my family for a whole week and the shirt…well…it would probably be hanging in my closet after the trip.

Since my trip was 3 weeks away, I figured that I would look through my closet as soon as I come home and see if I can find something to go with the skirt. When I opened the closet door, I was ashamed at how much clothes I have yet I complained hours earlier that I didn’t have anything to go with the skirt. In a matter of a few minutes I found a beautiful off white shirt that would look great with my brown skirt that I was planning to take on my business trip. This episode of wanting a new shirt made me realize that I should be content with what I have, because I have been blessed beyond my imagination.

When my mama visited us this summer from a small country of Belarus she also reminded me that I have been blessed by simply asking me if she could take several toothbrushes with her home. Of course I didn’t mind at all and asked if she was taking the toothbrushes home for her family. She looked at me and smile. My mama was bringing toothbrushes as a gift for others! Several people have requested for her to bring a good American toothbrush. I stood quite and humbled by the fact that someone in a foreign country wanted a toothbrush that cost several dollars for a gift instead of a fancy dust collector. When was the last time I stopped and thanked God for letting me have access to great dental care through easy access to toothbrush and toothpaste? Hmmm….I can’t recall it!

How about you, my friend, do you have a humbling moment when you realized that you should be content with what you have? We would love to hear!


  1. Thank you so much for writing this - this is EXACTLY what I needed to read this morning! :)

  2. Same for me---this is exactly what I needed to read today! My little one is sick and we just spent a four-hour ordeal signing him out of school, waiting at the doctor's office (where they forgot about us!) and getting his medicine at the pharmacy. My nerves are raw and I feel like whining and complaining. But I really need to be thankful for good health care and available meds and money to pay for all of it. Thanks, Oxana. Bless you today!

  3. Thank you for sharing this story! My students constantly humble me. I gave each child a gold fish cracker one day (one cracker each) and they were so excited and smiled and thanked me as if I'd given them a whole bag. I am constantly reminded by them just how truly blessed I am.