Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning how to make bread from scratch

About 6 months ago, when I attended a healthy eating class at church, I decided to make homemade bread from scratch. I wanted the bread to be preservative free and healthy, which my mama also reminded me of when she came to visit. My mama was shocked to see a whole wheat bread stay so soft with no mold for 3 weeks.

I contemplated for several weeks before deciding to make whole wheat bread from scratch and couldn’t wait for Daniel to try it. Well, the first loaf that I baked in the bread machine turned out ok, but not as soft as I have hoped. The second loaf I cooked in the pan in the oven also did not turn out as good as the bread we buy in the grocery store. Just when you think “third time is a charm”, I was very disappointed when my bread did not cook all the way. Perhaps it was because I pulled it out of the oven before it had time to bake all the way. So I gave up.

My idea of saving money and baking healthy bread was thrown out of the window, until I came a cross this link http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com. I ordered my books online and when I return home from Spain, I will try to make artisan bread. Based on the book review and comments that I found online, the bread suppose to be super easy to make and it will taste just as good as any bread in the bakery department. I am drooling right about now…nice fluffy bread with crusty cust. Trust me I have read plenty of bread baking blogs and watched plenty youtube videos to hope that this time around my bread will turn out delicious. I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Have you tried to make homemade bread? Do you have any tips?

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