Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

On Saturday I picked up Ingles ad for the upcoming week and was surprised to learn that the store will participate in triple coupon event. Usually Ingles triples coupons twice a year, January and June. So I came home and took out every coupons $0.50 or less for the products that I was interested buying.

On Sunday I had an opportunity to share my story about the Operation Christmas Child with a near by church so on my way home I decided to stop by Ingles and check out the prices.

Since Ingles has a funny coupon policy, where you can only triple 3 coupons for every $10 you sent, I had to become very creative in raising my total dollars spent. This means that I redeemed some of my coupons for free products.

I had coupons for free dog food and we were running low on dog food at home. So I decided it was time to stock up on dog food. I am sure Abby is happy about that.

Since we eat a lot of taco dishes I decided to stock up on Ortega taco seasoning. It was on sale and after the coupon tripled, the seasoning was free. Florida Crystal’s sugar was about $1.30, which in my opinion is a good deal. Cottonelle wipes were free after I used store coupon. And I paid about $1.50 for a carton of 18 eggs.

Apple juice was about $0.75 a bottle and my hubby has been after me for apple juice, so I made his day. The sad thing is the two bottles of apple juice were gone in 2 days. I had a coupon for free chips and yogurt. And sadly I paid full price for milk.

I do not eat cheese, but my hubby loves it…I can’t recall the price but after coupons one bag of Sargento cheese was super cheap…it was definitely a stock up price. The wet dog food was free after coupons (I received several dog food coupons in the mail from manufacturing directly).

Oh how I love Nuetella spread. I haven’t had a spoonful of this heavenly treat in about 3 years. The store was selling it originally for $3.99, but this week’s special was for $2.99 and I have $1 off I decided to purchase a jar for myself and 1 jar to send it to my dad in a care package. My hubby loves yogurt covered raisins and I had $1 off, but unfortunately they were not on sale. I figured we could splurge. And finally Welch’s juice concentrate was about $0.30 a can after coupons.

Before heading home I stopped by CVS and purchased 2 mascaras, which cost me only $0.79. Plus I received 5ECB back.

Total spent: $21.06

Total saved: $87.69

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  1. awesome deal!! I still need to go to CVS today! Usually I'm good about going to CVS early in the week, but here lately it's the DAY the sale ends! :)