Monday, September 27, 2010

Static Hair No More

Nothing drives crazier than static hair. I am a gal that loves to wear her hair up so I seldom bothered by static hair. However, once in a while I do enjoy taking my time to fix my hair. I get up, plug in flat iron and spend the next 15 minutes battling with my frizzy hair. Then I decide that I am in the mood for brown sweater instead of green and make the swap. Well, somehow during the swap process my lovely straight hair charges up and I am reminded again why I love wearing my hair up. That’s right…because my now static hair make me look like a clown because my hair is sticking up instead of sticking down.

According to “when you hair develops positive electric charge -each strand of hair is repelling the other and is trying to get away from each other.” If you are in the same boat as me and feel a little…just a little frustrated about spending 15 minutes fixing your hair just to look in a mirror and see a frizz ball, I have a solution. You can use dryer sheets to keep your hair at bay all while making your hair smelling so fresh and so clean. Just take one dryer sheet, rub it on your hair and your hair will look beautiful again.

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