Friday, September 17, 2010

Energy Saving Tricks

Every month we receive a magazine from our power company and one month the magazine had a brochure 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy-Saving Measure. I have read through brochure in no time and kept it in my money saving binder for later use. I will split the serious in several sections and each will share the tricks from the booklet to help you save money.


1. Use your refrigerator’s anti-sweat feature only if necessary
2. Switch your refrigerator’s power saver to “ON.” If available
3. Set the refrigerator temperature to 34F – 37F and freezer to 0F -5F
4. Ensure gaskets around door seal tightly
5. Unplug unused refrigerators or freezers
6. Use microwave for cooking when possible
7. When cooking on the range, use pot lids to help food cook faster
8. If you are heating water, use hot tap water instead of cold
9. Remember to use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking and turn it off after cooking
10. Let hot food cool before storing it in the fridge
11. Rinse dirty dishes with cold water before putting them into the dishwasher
12. Use cold water for garbage disposal
13. Only run dishwasher when fully loaded
14. Use air dry cycle instead of heat dry cycle to dry dishes

How do you conserve energy in your kitchen?

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