Monday, September 20, 2010


I have never won anything by filling out my mailing information and dropping a piece of paper in a prize giveaway bowl while shopping at the store. Yet not knowing the future of whether my name is going to be drawn keeps me wanting to fill out the same form over and over again. Now, I don’t do it for every single drawing that I pass by, because there are times that I do not have 5 extra minutes to waste.

Since we do not have internet at home, I seldom enter giveaway or sweepstakes online. If I am down the mountain browsing the net, I take a few minutes to enter my name in All You magazine giveaways. You can enter your contact information every single day (once a day) and at the end of the month the drawing takes place for some lovely prizes. The reason I chose to participate in this particular giveaway is because your name is entered automatically not just for one gift but for several gifts. I have been entering my name now for at least 6 months and still no luck.

Lucky or not I still hold on to the hope that I may win a trip to Italy by entering my name in Francesco Renaldi giveaway. Seriously, someone has to win so why not me?! You can enter your day every single day for a whole year and at the beginning of 2011 the drawing will take place for a relaxing trip. Oh how I would love to win, but I have a feeling that the whole America is participating in this giveaway so my chances are pretty slim. But at least I can hope, right?!

There are many hopefuls who participate in giveaways every single day with optimism of winning something. I have heard of people who spend hours entering giveaways because that is their real job. They use prizes as a source of income. I think I would be a little too nervous to rely on giveaways as my source of income. But hey…if someone can do, then they deserve applause.

Do you enter giveaways and sweepstakes? Have you won anything? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. I've won an Amy Grant cd (yearsssssssss ago) and a Rachel Ray dish set. Winning is fun, no matter how small! :) Hope you win your trip to Italy!