Friday, September 10, 2010

Energy Saving Tricks

Every month we receive a magazine from our power company and one month the magazine had a brochure 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy-Saving Measure. I have read through brochure in no time and kept it in my money saving binder for later use. I will split the serious in several sections and each will share the tricks from the booklet to help you save money.


1. Wash clothes in cold water. Use hot water only for very dirty loads
2. Do only full laundry loads
3. If you must do smaller loads, adjust the water level in the washing machine to match the load size, especially when using hot water
4. Always use cold water rinse
5. Use bath towels at least twice before washing them
6. Clean your dryer’s lint trap before each load
7. Make sure that the outdoor dryer exhaust door closes when dryer is off
8. Verify dryer vent hose is tightly connected to inside wall fitting
9. Check that the dryer vent hose is tightly connected to dryer
10. Make sure dryer vent hose is not kinked or clogged
11. Minimize clothes drying time; use moisture sensor on dryer if available
12. Dry consecutive loads to harvest heat remaining in dyer from last load
13. Consider suing a “solar-powered” clothes dryer, an old fashioned clothes line.

I have tried the tip #13 for several month, but gave up when I noticed many legged friends, aka spiders, were staring at me when I folded clothes.

Have you implemented any of these tricks in your home? Do you have money saving tips on laundry?

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  1. I use #1-6 regularly.

    I think the biggest thing is remembering that we can wear some clothes more than once. Things like jeans, pants, pajamas, and sweaters will always been worn a few times before I toss them in the laundry - that is, unless I spill something on them or they pick up a random stain!