Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping Calander

I enjoy shopping and looking for deals when time is not an issue. We are living in a busy world where most of my day is occupied with working, cleaning, cooking, studying for class and being a wife. There are days that I wish I had a magic wand that would allow me to stop the time so I squeeze in extra errands like shopping. I came across a calendar that outlines the sales cycle for different items and it is my hope that you will find the calendar useful too.


During this cold month, unless you live in Florida or California, you can stock up on linens. Stores discount bed sheets and towels at prices that are hard to resist.


Just because spring is right around the corner, does not mean that you have to forget about your most comfortable turtleneck sweater. During this month, stores begin to prepare for spring clothes collection making winter clothes sale very appealing.


Are you in need of a new camera? Then March is your lucky month. Small electronics are always marked down during this month to prepare the way for newer models.


If you have a wedding to attend, this month is the time to stock up on cookware. You may be able to find a cooking pan not only for the bride to be, but also for yourself.


Somebody’s junk can become your treasure as the month of May is known for the start of yard sales. Perhaps you can snatch some great deals on canning items for later use.


You slacked off on your new year’s resolution to lose weight, don’t be discouraged. This month many gyms give you a great discount to join and to help you exercise your bad habits away.


This month you can score great deals on everything. Yep, that right, you can buy a brand new car or install a lovely carpet in your living room.


You decided it is time to upgrade your outdoor furniture, well then this month is calling your name. You can score great deals on grills, lawn furniture and gardening tools just to name a few.


You are dreading to buy new school supplies, but the shopping experience can be quite exciting during the month of September. Most stores discount back to school items to where your shopping experience is not only stress free, but also money saving one.


The dishwasher broke? No problem! This month you can purchase last year’s model at a great price.


You are starting to catch up on your sleep so you can stay all night in line during Black Friday event. This month you can snatch all sort of gift for Christmas and your wallet won’t feel broke.


Tired of spending money on amazingly smelling fresh cut Christmas tree? This is a month to buy any seasonal items that you heart desires, and yes, it includes a fake Christmas tree.

Do you have any shopping tips?

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