Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lighting a candle

I love fall season. The weather is not too cold, yet not too hot. The golden color leaves cover the ground of our yard. Apples have been picked up and ready for canning. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner menu constantly wonders through my mind. But most of all I love the spell of pumpkin spice as the aroma fills the air of our home. It is only during the season of fall that I light up my all time favorite pumpkin spice candle. I find the flickering light of a candle very soothing as I prepare dinner for me and Daniel. But the feel, after burning my favorite candle, of comfortable and cozy home filled with love and laughter is priceless.

Since my favorite candle glass is only half way filled with wax, due to excess candle burning activity, there are days that I find it difficult to light it up with a regular lighter. Because I am too cheap to buy a lighter specifically designed for half way burned candles, I was thrilled to find a cheap method to keep my candle burning!

Take a dry spaghetti noodle and light the end of it with a match or lighter.

Then use the lighten end of the noodle to light the candle wick.

The result…I can enjoy the aroma of pumpkin spice for many months to come.


  1. Umm the dollar store sales the other types of lighters.

  2. I love the scents of fall! I think I'll be begging my husband to pull my fall decorations down from the attic this weekend!

  3. Very cool. A trip to the dollar store doesn't work for me when I want to burn the candle NOW. Spaghetti is always in the house! Funny, I'm burning MY pumpkin candle already too :)

  4. wow that looks so awesome! I miss lighting my favourite candles with many people flooding my little apartment.

  5. It never occurred to me that spaghetti would burn like that!