Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Energy Saving Tricks

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Every month we receive a magazine from our power company and one month the magazine had a brochure 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy-Saving Measure. I have read through brochure in no time and kept it in my money saving binder for later use. I will split the serious in several sections and each will share the tricks from the booklet to help you save money.

• Set thermostats to 78F in summer, 68F in winter

For every degree higher you set the thermostat, you can gain as much as 3% saving in every cost

• Run ceiling paddle fans on medium, blowing down in summer

• Run ceiling paddle fans on low, blowing up in winter

• Change heating/air conditioning filters monthly

• When installing new air filters, make sure they are facing in the correct direction

• When heating or cooling, keep windows closed

• Insulate electric wall plugs and wall switches with foam pads

• Caulk along baseboards with clear sealant

• Close fireplace dampers when not burning a fire

• Caulk around plumbing penetrations that comes through walls beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks

• Caulk electrical wire penetrations at the top of the interior walls

Do you have a money saving trick?

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  1. I've been planning an energy experiment: I'm going to unplug some energy "suckers" at night before I go to bed, namely the TV, DVR, and DVD player, and see if lowers my electric bill. Thanks for the reminders!