Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where are you, my ponytail holder?

I am a simple gal and if I could I would live in sweat pants every day. I would never wear make up and would always put my hair up in a ponytail. My dream of always putting my hair up becomes a reality, when I step outside and am welcomed by 300° F hotness. I am then faced with a choice of either keeping my hair down and by the end of the day have a freeze ball for a hair do or putting my hair up in a ponytail and look normal. The latter always wins.

The problem that I am always faced with is finding the billion ponytail holders that are scattered around the house. You can find them probably in every corner of every single room.

You can find a ponytail holder in the kitchen

You can find a ponytail holder in the bathroom

You can also find them in the living room

But for some odd reason, I can never find them when I need them. So I decided to implement a trick that I read about in a magazine not too long ago. I was able to use an old keychain holder that has been collecting dust in our drawer.

The next step was to find all the gazillion ponytail holders around the house. Finally I clipped all the ponytail holders together on a key chain and have not had a problem of locating the much needed ponytail holder every since.


  1. I wear the same ponytail holders and when I can't find them I just open up the closet door in the hallway---that's because my cat loves to play with them and he loves to push them under the closet door. I guess that's his secret hiding place!

  2. We have a "hair basket" in our bathroom closet and the girls and I end up with several pony-tail holders on our arms as we clean the house. They end up in the basket one day of the week and then scattered again as the week goes by. At this stage, we still have all shapes, sizes, ribbons and hairbands for three little girls!

  3. Thanks for that tip! That is a great idea! I have 2 precious girls, ages 9 and 7 with long hair. We are forever searching for ponytail holders. I found your blog through Money Saving Mom and your Operation Christmas Child video. Thanks for your great ideas on how to be better stewards of what we have been so greatly blessed!!
    Elaine at eswhiteside@bellsouth.net

  4. Ha,ha! I have the same problem as Mary Bailey: If I leave these pony-tail holders anywhere on the bathroom vanity counter, my cat carries them off and chases them around the slick kitchen floor until she loses them under the door of the broom closet. So I've learned to put them in a drawer.

    I like the clip idea.