Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let your dishes air dry

Growing up in Belarus the dishwasher concept was foreign to us. We always washed dishes by hand and you can only imagine what it was like to wash dishes after a Birthday party. No paper plates or plastic utensils could be simply thrown away, because not one store carried this luxury. Celebrating someone’s birthday meant that you serve lots and lots of food on the best dishes that you had at your home. And I remember my grandmother would start washing the dishes as soon as people stopped eating so she could get a head start and be done by the time the last guest left the house. When I moved to the US I always preferred doing dishes by hand.

And when Daniel and I got married…well….the dishwasher was our best friend. We were busy and hand washing art was lost until we started our tightwad journey. I began to research ways to save money on electricity and I found out that dishwasher sucks up a good bit of energy. So the lost art of washing dishes by hand became by new best friend. I must admit that there are days that life gets so busy and we do resort to dishwasher, however instead of letting the dishwasher dry our dishes (that is where a lot of your energy is drained), we open the door and let the dishes air dry. The result is that on a busy day we still manage to reserve electricity and enjoy machine washed clean dishes.

Do you air dry your dishes?


  1. Wow, never thought of doing that. Thanks for all your great tips.

  2. i have totally heard of this before. If only my little toddler wouldn't unload the knives and other sharp objects while it was drying then this could work for us!! When i was growing up, my mom would wash the dishes and then put them into the dishwasher to dry (instead of having a drying rack in the sink.)