Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How do you save money?

(this is not the dryer that we bought) :)

When it rains it pours. We experienced the pouring down when our GPS decided to break as I was driving to Atlanta to pick up my mama from the airport. To some losing GPS is not a big deal, but to me it means that on my way to Georgia, I am liable to end up California. I have no sense of direction. With a broken GPS I knew that there was no way that I could drive my mama to Hilton Head, SC to a short vacation. So no GPS means that we had to buy one. Thankfully we had a gift card to Best Buy and were able to purchase a device that tells you where you turn with very little out of pocket.

But it required a lot more out of pocket, when our dryer broke a week later. You would think that as tightwad as I am I would resort to drying our clothes on a clothes line outside to save money, but I didn’t. When I first became a tightwad, I had a brilliant idea of drying our clothes outside. My husband resisted the idea at first, but after numerous attempts of nagging he finally gave in. The first month of air drying clothes outside wasn’t so bad. Daniel’s jeans were standing on their own and were in major need of defrosting. As the weather started to warm up Daniel’s jeans were occupied with many legged friends, also known as spiders. This was it, no more drying our clothes outside. The savings wasn’t worth the surprise of seeing unwelcomed creatures popping up as I folded the clothes.

My hubby along with my mama was on a mission to find a “new” dryer. They purchased a local sales paper, but no luck there. Some of the dryers looked like they would need to be replaced much sooner than later. The next stop was Sears outlet, where Daniel along with my mama hit a jackpot, when they came upon a beauty. That same beauty had a few dents on a side and had $100 dollars discount attached to it. Now the dryer is a new addition to our family and is working very well.

I have a feeling before too long our washing machine will have to be replaced and I would love to hear how you save money when expensive items have to be replaced.

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  1. I have replaced my dryer with a couple laundry drying racks. I can air dry my clothes no matter what the weather. It is worth it to me to save the money and the energy.