Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

This week has been pretty slow for me in terms of couponing. Since Daniel was still at the military camp, I didn’t have to buy much for myself. And the best part, I only shopped at one store. Ten pounds bag of potatoes at Ingles was on sale for $2.50 and since we love eating potatoes at our house, I thought that the price was right for the purchase. I then decided to buy 4 boxes of drink mixes to send to my dad in a care package. They were on sale B1G1 and I had coupons for the mixes, which made the drink powder very inexpensive. Olive oil was B1G1 and I also had a coupon for it, so I paid $1+ for the oil. Finally I redeemed a coupon for a free frozen meal and enjoyed it at work the following day.

On Saturday, I received a letter from Newman’s Own with coupons for free box of organic fig cookies. My husband loves them and I was able to buy a box to send it for him to enjoy at the military camp. Finally I picked some breakfast items like eggs and livermush. All in all the week was slow, but the break from couponing was nice.

Total spent: $11.36

Total saved: $30.27

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