Monday, August 30, 2010

Energy Saving Tricks

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Every month we receive a magazine from our power company and one month the magazine had a brochure 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy-Saving Measure. I have read through brochure in no time and kept it in my money saving binder for later use. I will split the serious in several sections and each will share the tricks from the booklet to help you save money.

Water Heating

1. Set water heater temperature no higher than 120F
2. For household with 1 or 2 members, a 115F setting may work fine
3. Install water heater wrap per manufacturer’s instructions
4. Drain 1-2 gallons from bottom of water heater each year to reduce sediment build-up
5. Install heat traps on hot and cold water lines when it’s time to replace your water heater
6. Insulate exposed hot water line
7. Limit shower length to 5-7 minutes
8. Install low-flow shower heads
9. Fix dripping faucets
10. Don’t let water run while you are shaving
11. Don’t let water run while brushing your teeth
(info taken for Blue Ridge Electric brochure)

To help us reduce the cost of our electric bill, we installed water heater timer. When we are at work the water heater temperature drops. By the time we come home, the water is warm!

Do you have a money saving tip on water heating?

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  1. I've found that taking cold showers is kind of nice. I know it sounds crazy! But it's quite refreshing - especially in the summer.
    Otherwise I sometimes take 'Navy Showers' where I turn the water off while I'm soaping up. I'm not sure how well that will work in the dead of freezing cold winter, but every little bit helps. :)