Friday, August 20, 2010

Making a house feel like a home

One room in particular that I can not wait to decorate using my “it came from nowhere country taste” is our future to be kitchen. I would like to have off white cabinets, tile floor and energy saving appliances. Ok…I am already feeling broke. But I know that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. While browsing through kitchen table section of Dining Rooms Direct, I found a lovely movable kitchen island. I really want to have one of those in the near future. I can surprise myself by purchasing it and then surprise my husband when we receive it in the mail. I can already see his “happy” face. Perhaps I should discuss my wants of movable isle with Daniel first.

After we said “I do”, Daniel’s parents blessed up by letting us to stay at their vacation home rent free. Since the house was furnished, we didn’t have the financial burden of buying any furniture. I was able to add a few personal touches to the house, so we can call it our home for the next 4-5 years. Occasionally if I see a good deal on an item that I think we can use a few years from now, when we have our own place, I buy it.

I started to particularly think of our future home, when I read Heather’s post on redecorating her mom’s room. The girl has a talent and if she lived a little bit closer, I would have asked her to give our home a makeover. The desires to make a house feel like a home continued grow on me, when my friend Dora asked me about my decorating style. We exchanged a few e-mails and pictures letting one another know what we would want our home to look like one day. Dora, who can host her own interior decorating show, preferred more of a modern style décor, while I shared with her my modern day country style taste.

I am not the world’s greatest decorator and thrifty shopper when it comes to furnishing home. I would like to hear from you, my friends. What tips do you have on saving money, while making your house feel like home?


  1. I guess my tip is to keep things forever! I'm of the opinion that if something looks good once, it looks good always. I change a few things occasionally but I am not like my MIL who is constantly painting and changing accent pieces in her house. Also, my furniture (couch, recliner, dining table) needs replacing after 15 years, but I am having fun seeing how long I can really make it last!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Oxana. You are precious.
    I frequent thrift stores and have an eye for all things that have "potential"! I love to pick up $10 tables and sand and paint them to change the look of a room or make it more functional. My family knows this and so recently, my mom picked me up a beautiful, large, round coffee table that I will paint white and put in my homeschool room for the kids to do their projects on.

  3. Your kitchen looks so nice. Wow! It's so lovely and it really feels good to live in a home with a kitchen like this.

  4. Oh, that's not a picture of our kitchen. This is how I would like for our kitchen to look some day! :)