Monday, August 23, 2010


There are days that I stay so busy that I can barely find time to take a breath of fresh air much less find the time to cook. Recently I have been fascinated with the idea of cooking ahead and freezing, but have been too nervous to try it. We are not very good at eating frozen leftovers.

But this weekend I was involuntary forced to make several meals ahead, because I will be traveling to Spain for work in a week (I will schedule posts ahead of time). To prevent my hubby eating out too much, I decided to make several meals and freeze them

- taco meat
- chicken (will make pre-made pizzas before I leave)
- banana nut muffins

I was so motivated to cook that I even decided to can! I used my very first tomatoes to make can homemade tomato sauce. Only I was very disappointed to learn that 10 tomatoes make only 1 jar of tomato sauce. You should see my face when I filled up a jar that was way too big for the amount of sauce that I made. I had to run to the garage to get small jars.

In between cooking I was typing up a paper for school, so my next mission was making apple sauce. I purchased 10 lbs of apples for $3 and was thrilled to make 4 jars of homemade apple sauce. At work I love snacking at apple sauce instead of the very tempting vending machine snacks!

So my friends, I need your help! Have you tried cooking ahead and freezing your dinners? If so what sources for recipes do you use?

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