Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

This week I enjoyed shopping only at one store, Ingles. We didn’t need anything, so I mainly picked up items that we wanted. Since I had several of coupons for free items, I made the executive decision to redeem them. The coupons covered the cost of Amy’s pizza and Newman’s Own Fig cookies. Requested Chef meat was on sale, so the coupons covered the cost of meat as well. Chex Mix and Bugles were on sale and after coupons cost me pennies. I also picked up staples like milk and eggs for breakfast. We were out of raisins and I have made plans to make curknuku, which my father in law absolutely loved. Sour cream for tacos rounded up the shopping trip.

Later in the week I picked up reduce for sale ground chicken and on sale chicken breast. I have taken yet another week off from CVS, so I need to brush up my skills and start utilizing my ECB and coupons there. But at this point I can’t think of anything that we need, so I am grateful for the break!

Total spent: $26.32
Total saved: $63.55

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