Monday, August 2, 2010

I am turning country

I am turning country. Perhaps to you it doesn’t mean anything, so let me explain. During my college years I was certain that I was going to live in a big city, drink Starbucks and wear high heels. And to be perfectly honest with you, I hate the latter two. So instead of glamorous New York City, I ended up in the middle of nowhere, where my neighbor is a deer and a bear. Go ahead…laugh a little…but it is true.

When we first moved to the mountains, I wondered if I was going to survive without watching the Lifetime movies and browsing the facebook. But before too long, I was perfectly fine enjoying God’s creation by spending time outside. And about a year ago the Lord began to mold my desire of becoming “I can do it myself” kind of gal. Instead of buying a pizza, I want to make pizza myself, instead of buying a jar of jelly, I want to can my own. I want my house to feel like a home filled with comfort, laugher and joy.

And very recently I began to desire a farm. For those of you who have known me of the past 5 years, I give you permission to laugh out loud. But I can’t help that I want a cow, lots of chickens and even contemplating the though of have my own pig. That’s right a city girl turned country. When I shared my dream with my mom she asked, “And who is going to get up at 3 am to milk the cow?” Without hesitation I answered, “You, of course!” She didn’t think my joke was too funny.

Funny or not, but after I have been watching my garden grow and produce beautify veggies, my wants and desires began to change. I want a land with apple trees, peach trees and cherry trees. I want blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes to feed my family and most importantly to be able to bless other. And this is coming from a gal who killed her own flower last year, also known as cactus.

Yep, that same gal who brutally over watered her cactus was able to grow tomatoes, beans and squash from seeds. And watching the seeds turn to beautiful plants is a blessing in itself. So here what we have thus far.

Did you plant a garden this year? I would love to hear about it.


  1. I lived in a "big" city for 2 years and I couldn't wait to get back to the country! There is just something so rewarding about getting some dirt under your fingernails! And I still get chills every time I see a new baby calf enter the world! Let us know if you need some tips on how to milk that cow!!

    Two Maids a Milking

  2. Sounds like the good life to me! I'm a new follower and can't wait to hear how this adventure turns out!

    Lucy's Human

  3. I have squash envy! We planted squash, zucchini, and tomato, but only the tomato plants survived.