Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazing Customer Service

It was Saturday! My husband was out of town for 4 weeks and my car was in a desperate need of new tires. I drove to Wal-Mart and was told that it would be 2 hours before I can drive off with brand new rubber. Since I didn’t want to sit around and wait, I decided to go for a walk. I was walking on my way to Home Depot to check their clearance section.

Approximately 2 months prior to the day that I shopped by myself while my car was receiving new tires, my husband and I passed by the clearance section of Home Depot. Both of us noticed a beautiful facet that had a not so beautiful clearance sticker. The bright yellow sticker had the original price of $120 dollars and marked down price of $89 dollars. After doing a quick calculation in our head, we decided that $30 dollars was not enough savings for us to splurge on a new facet.

Because we liked the facet so much, during the next 2 months I periodically stopped by the Home Depot to check on the price. Unfortunately for me, the price did not budge. I asked a near by sales associate (Lisa) if she knew when the next mark down would take place. Lisa informed me that corporate controls the discount and she was not certain when they will reduce the price again. I explained to Lisa that my husband and I fell in love with the facet but not so much with the price. When I asked if I should continue checking on the item, Lisa threw a surprise at me.

I was thrilled beyond my imagination, when Lisa offered to take my phone number and give me a call if the price goes down. Without hesitation I wrote down my number and thanked my new friend for the offer. After about a week I totally forgot about the offer and a month later I was shocked when I listened to our phone messages. Lisa has called me while I was at work to tell me that the originally $120 dollars priced facets are now on sale for $29 dollars.

The next morning before work I made a pit stop at Home Depot. Our favorite facet was still there, but without a new sticker. The same ole yellow and boring sticker occupied the beautiful package of our future to be facet. I price checked and indeed the price was $29 dollars. My husband told me to buy 3 packages if they had it and I bought the last 3 facets for $29 dollars each. On my way to work I was beaming not only because I snatched a great deal, but also because I walked away from the store with the greatest customer service experience. Lisa didn’t have to take her time to give me a call and inform me that the facets have been marked down again. I am sure it is not part of her job description, but because she went above and beyond her job duty it resulted in a happy customer.

To show my appreciation to Lisa, as soon as I left work that day, I called and talked to the store manager at the Home Depot. I wanted him to know what a wonderful experience I had and that Lisa just blew me away with her customer service. The manager was happy to hear the good news, but I didn’t stop there. As soon as I came home I dialed corporate customer service and asked if my compliment can be recorded and passed on to the upper management. The gentleman was thrilled to help me and it is now my hope that Lisa will receive recognition for her thoughtfulness.
This week I want to encourage you to take a few minutes of your time and find someone to compliment. It only takes a few minutes to call corporate office and give a compliment. Not only will you be able to bless someone, but you too will be blessed.


  1. Awesome story! So often people will complain about bad customer service, but not be appreciative when they receive great customer service. I know when I worked retail, a compliment from a customer to me or management went a long way!

  2. I have had wonderful customer experiences at Home Depot as well!! How great of you to share your story!

  3. What an inspiring story! Lisa is awesome at customer service and YOU are an awesome customer. Y'all both went above and beyond what the norm.

    I need to look for more opportunities to thank and compliment others. I'm much more likely to gripe and complain about bad service. When we left the bookstore the other night, I told George sarcastically that the salesclerk was really thrilled with her job. He was more kind and said that perhaps she had had a bad day.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome price on the faucet! I totally love it too!

    Wow, an actual follow through from an employee at a store! AMAZING!!! I'm glad you are giving her recognition for this!!! :-)

  5. Wow, that's quite a drop in price! Great taste, too :)
    How sweet and thoughtful of you to compliment her to her bosses.