Monday, April 19, 2010

Where can I find a great deal?

Did you know that you can find amazing deals everywhere?! One early Saturday morning, 7 am to be exact, my friend Colleen and I decided to spend all day shopping. When I say all day, I mean we shopped from 7 am until 4:30 pm! Since stores like Publix and Target are an hour away from where we live, we decided to attack these stores first. Publix had several items on sale and because we were able to use store coupons along with manufacturing coupons, we maximized our savings. We also learned that Publix does not reduce meat or produce for quick sales. In fact we learned that they donate meat and produce to local ministries, which made me respect this store so much more.

Our learning experience continued at Target, where we found lots of items on clearance and what made this treasure hunt exciting is finding clearance items that we had coupons for. I was able to buy Ziploc bags that were marked down and I had a coupon for each box that I purchased. The best part is that I was able to submit my receipt for a rebate not only getting my items for free, but also making $2. Colleen, the bargain shopper that she is, also scored some great deals at Target.

Deals were also available at Bi-Lo, where I redeem two coupons for free organic eggs and Walgreens, where Colleen used her Register Rewards and paid practically nothing for her purchase. But our most exciting stop was at Lowe’s! We stopped by the garden section and check out the prices on strawberry plants and plant buckets. We were on a mission as we browsed through the store to find something on sale. Well, well, well… we stopped by the lighting department just to find out that if we were there a week early we could have scored unbelievable deals, because there were practically giving out light fixtures right and left. There were a few items left and I grabbed what I thought would fit my decorating style. Once light fixture was originally $50 and was reduced to $3, while the other one more modern light fixture was originally $60 marked down to $15 and after I asked the salesman if he would be so kind to reduce it further, I paid $10 for it. Colleen did not leave empty handed either. She was able to buy two big Clorox wipes cans for free. We spotted a can of wipes that had a coupon that if you buy $50 worth of merchandise, you get $10 off. Colleen was already buying paint, so Clorox wipes were the added bonus.

It seemed like clearances and bonuses were all around us and all it required of us were to just look. It is easy to spot a red sticker that usually indicates that item is reduced and what made all the deals sweeter are coupons. Next time you are in the store ask a sales associate if they have clearance section and I promise you won’t leave empty handed.

Do you have tricks on finding deals? Please share with us as we would love to learn about your adventures.

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