Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh boy, did I have fun grocery shopping this week or what?! I mainly shopped at Ingles this week and scored some amazing deals. During my first trip to Ingles I stocked up on organic apple juice that my husband loves and drinks 4 bottles in one day! I also picked up a few packs of pork chops that were reduced from $6+ dollars to $3+ dollars. Amy’s pizza is a must around our house and since it was on sale for $5 this week I picked up the last two boxes. My favorite cashier in the whole wide world gave me a rain check, so I can pick up $5 pizza in several weeks again. I spent $18.67 during my trip and saved $26.20.

My second trip was a little bit more exciting. I always stop by Ingles before church to pick up Sunday newspaper for $0.98. While I am in the store, I always browse through meat department looking for reduce for quick sale meat. I hit jackpot, when I found organic whole chicken that was originally $9+ dollars reduced to $4+ dollars. The best part is that I have $2 dollars off coupon, which made my organic whole chicken only $2+ dollars. Woot! Woot! Ranzoni pasta was on sale B1G1 and after coupons it was free plus it gave me a little bit of overage. I then noticed men’s Bic razors (5 pack) were on sale for $1.98 and I hade four $2 dollars off coupon making my razors absolutely free. And of course I couldn’t pass on Pillsbury promotion. Biscuits were on sale for $1 this week and if you buy 6 packs you then get $4 dollars off your next purchase coupon. I had three coupons for $0.30 off two packs, which made my biscuits pretty cheap. I paid $7.64 for my purchases and saved $34.97 plus I received a Catalina for $4 dollars off my next purchase.

Finally on Wednesday night after church, I stopped by Ingles to buy milk and eggs. My out of pocket total was $0.56, because I used my $4 dollars Catalina that I received from Pillsbury promotion.


  1. So excited you have a blog about this!! I'm a fellow blogger, so I'll def. be following!! :-D ~ Marlie

  2. So glad I found your cute little blog!