Monday, April 26, 2010

The Power of Bartering

I desperately needed a haircut, but I really didn’t want to pay $30 for it. During my high school years I had no problem dropping $100 for highlights and a haircut and then another $20 for hair products to maintain my expensive new hair style. But when I became a tightwad my money spending habits changed and so was my desire for an expensive haircut. When I started my now job, I learned that my co-worker, now friend, had cosmetology license. Now that summer was right around the corner I needed a hair cut that would be easy to maintain.

My hair was way too long and it daily suffered from a ponytail syndrome. So, one day my friend and I were talking about coupons and she mentioned that she needed toothpaste. I softly mentioned during our conversation that I desperately needed a haircut. And the power of bartering kicked in. We agreed that she would cut my hair for free in exchange for several tube of toothpaste. Since I obtained quite a few tubes of free toothpaste of the last year, I was happy about our exchange. And in case you are wondering my hair cut turned out amazingly beautiful!!!

As I styled my hair this morning I wondered who else can I barter with. Bartering is a powerful tool in helping you save money. You can barter with your hairdresser for a free haircut in exchange for a basket of toiletries that cost you pennies or you can offer a basket of freebies to your friend in exchange for a night of babysitting services. The options are limitless! Next time you need something, ask yourself if bartering is an option and you may be surprised at the outcome.

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