Monday, April 12, 2010

It’s Time to get my Hands Dirty

Last year when I visited my in-laws I was very impressed with their bountiful garden. I would leave their house wishing that I could plant a garden too. Unfortunately unlike other gardeners I have a black thumb and I am not joking about it. When I was in college I bought a cactus because it did not require much care. After graduation my American dad looked after my cactus and it grew nicely under his care. During one of my visits home I brought my cactus with me and faithfully watered it every week. I was deeply saddened when one day my cactus was no longer standing straight, instead it was pitifully lying down. To make a long story short I killed by cactus by overwatering it.

I guess my thought process is that when I water a plant it should grow, however I learned the hard way that this principle does not apply to cactus. So moving on with my gardening plans. The tightwad that I am I decided that this year I will plant a garden. Although we do not really have a space for a garden, since we live in a wooded area, my friend Jennifer shared with us during our Wednesday night Bible study that we can plant garden in pots and hanging basket. Oh boy, I was so excited to try it that I could not stand still. I told myself that right now I am too busy with school and work that I wouldn’t have time for a full garden anyways. I was very content with the idea of planting garden in a pot and hanging baskets.

The idea of planting a garden was easy, but acting upon it not so much. I decided to go to Lowes to buy all the gardening tools. As I was walking through the store’s garden section I was shocked how expensive everything was. I thought that people who invented selling dirt in a bag must be super rich, since people like me are willing to buy it. My mission was to find strawberry plants, tomato and squash seeds, handing baskets and standing pots and some slow release good for your plants stuff (I can’t remember what it really call). Because I no nothing about gardening I asked the same sales lady a billion questions and I know she must have thought that I was wasting her time and my money.

As I was checking out my total was around $70 and I too wondered if I was wasting my money because I will probably kill all this plants by overwatering them. However I am not a quitter and decided to go with the flow. My husband hung my baskets and I started to get my hands dirty by digging through the dirt. Questions were running through my mind on what I was suppose to do with all the tools that were in front of me, but I stuck some seeds in dirt and watered them with hopes that they will grow. I know you can laugh at me, because that is what I will be doing in two months when my pretty hanging baskets will be hanging with no strawberries in them. But all I can tell myself then is at least I tried.

Stay tuned… Jennifer is writing a post on how to garden. I promise you would really want to read it. In a mean time if you have gardening tips, please share with us.

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