Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Coupons, Please! (Part II)

In a previous post I have shared a few ways that you can obtain coupons. Today, I would like to offer a few more tips and trick on how increase your coupon stash.

Clip from the magazines – many magazines now offer coupons. I have previously cut a coupon for a free box of dog treat from People magazine. My favorite magazine that is full of coupons and money saving tips is All You Magazine. You can only buy it at Wal-Mart, however subscribing to it will save you money. In their recent issue they had a coupon for free Rimmel mascara, which was a thrill for me.

E-mail companies – I have had a lot of success requesting coupons from companies through e-mail. I always compliment their product if I have used and like it or let the company know how much I would like to try their product. In 3 months I have received coupons for over $100 worth free products (I will talk more on this subject another time). But don’t be afraid if you are rejected, some companies don’t participate in coupon mailers.

Purchase from clipping services – I have never bought coupons myself but know of people who have purchased coupons from clipping services or on e-bay. Never buy printed coupons, because you are risking of buying fraudulent coupons. Legally you can not sell coupons, however if you read seller’s disclaimer you are paying not for coupons but for that person’s time of clipping coupons.

Visit your local library – our local library subscribes to several Sunday newspapers. We have a small red box standing on a table with coupons inserts sticking out of it. People are fee to stop by and clip coupons that they want leaving the rest of others to clip. If you don’t have a coupon box, ask your librarian if you can start one.

Ask friends – you will be surprised how many people throw away their coupon inserts. I have a co-worker who always brings me her coupons, for which I am forever grateful.

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Do you have a tip of places where we can find more coupons? Please share in the comment section for us all to learn.

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