Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rewash and Reuse

Way back when I bought a pretty Tupperware set with red lids to store all the leftovers that I would have after cooking a deliciously amazing meal. Somehow over the years our dishwasher swallowed half of the lids and half of the containers have magically disappeared. My once pretty set with red lids was no longer pretty and I was faced with the choice if I wanted to invest more money in buying a new set. Sure, spending $10-$20 on a new set my not be a big deal to many, but I could find lots of other use for that money.

Deal or no deal I had to make the decision and guess what I chose? I chose to reuse containers from anything that we would buy that would require me to wash the containers and reuse them. I was pleasantly surprise to find containers of all shapes and sizes that held my and Daniel’s lunches and leftovers just as good or even better then my red lid expensive Tupperware. The best part it cost me zero dollars. Yes, I did have to buy an item that was originally in a container but I would have to buy it regardless so why not utilize the container in which the item came in. Next time you are about to throw away your cool whip container think twice about it. You may be pleasantly surprise of how well this free container will serve you in holding your deliciously amazing leftover lunch. The best part you will save $20 by opting to use free containers!

Do you have tips and trick on saving money? Please share with us!

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