Monday, April 5, 2010


I didn’t spend too much time grocery shopping. I picked up items that were on sale and also a few items that I needed in order to make banana pudding for Daniel. My husband is a health nut and I mean it. So I was happy to hear that he would eat banana pudding if I make it. My first stop was at Ingles where i picked up cheap meat and organic apple and tangerine juice. I also had Daniel with me, so he added a few items to the cart that I did not have a coupon for. I was happy when I received $3 Catalina off my next purchase for buying biscuits!

Later in the day I stopped by Bi-Lo to pick up free sour cream, cherry pie filling and dryer sheets. I also picked up ingredients for banana pudding. I didn't have coupons for vanilla wafers, but was happy that they were B1G1 this week. Boxes also had a coupon on them that if you buy a box of wafers you get bananas for free. By the way free is my favorite word. Before I left the store, I had to buy a box of whole wheat cookies for my husband but when I came to the register I remembered that I did not bring a coupon for the cookies with me. Oh well.

Ingles: Spent $27.38 Saved: $37.29
Bi-Lo: Spent $13.85 Saved: $39.34

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