Friday, April 2, 2010

More Coupons, Please! (Part I)

There are numerous sources for coupons and today I would like to share with you where you can find more money saving tokens.

Buy a newspaper – do your research to find out which store on Sunday sales a newspaper for less than $1. For example, in our area the cheapest newspaper is at Walgreen for $0.88, however to avoid a long drive, I started to buy newspaper from our grocery store for $0.99. If I was to stop by any gas station coming down the mountain, I would have to fork out $1.50. Although it sounds like I am saving only $0.50 it adds up quickly. If I buy 4 Sunday newspapers a week, by going to the grocery store instead of a gas station I am saving $2.00. Since there are 54 weeks in a year, that would amount to $108! Before buying a newspaper I always look through to make sure that all the coupon inserts are in place. During my early coupons days, I would grab several newspapers just to find out when I got home that my coupon inserts were missing. Another reason for why I look through coupons before I buy a newspaper is because I want to see if our family would use a lot of coupons that manufacturers released that particular week. If it is a slow week, I would pick up one or two newspapers. If it is a great week, I buy 4-6 newspapers. One more tip, if your area offers more than one paper on Sunday, always buy the bigger newspaper, since they always print more coupons.

Dive through the dumpster – it break my heart to see people throw away coupons. No, seriously, I begin to experience tightness in my chest and before you know that pain goes through my whole body. Jokes aside, when people throw coupons because they see coupons as just another piece of paper, I see it as people latterly throwing money away. There are many recycling bins that you can look through to find extra coupon inserts. I have before looked throw the bins of our trash dump and our local store. Sometimes I hit a jackpot and score high value coupons.

Print online – because we do not have internet at home, I rarely print online coupons. However, I have previously gone to fast food restaurant that offered wireless with our laptop and our printer. That’s right, you hear me correctly, and I have carried a printer to a fast food restaurant to print coupons. I can only imagine what has gone through the minds of customers, when they saw me pull out a printer. But oh well, there are a lot of websites that allow you to print coupons. Please note, many website will only allow you to print 2 coupons per computer IP address. So if you have more than one computer you can print usually 4 coupons. Websites such as, and all have a great variety of coupons to offer. You can also visit a website for a specific brand, for example like Kraft, to see if a company offers coupons on their websites.

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Do you have a tip of places where we can find more coupons? Please share in the comment section for us all to learn.

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