Friday, July 30, 2010

You can save 50% off regular price without coupons

When I shop at a grocery store, I always walk the parameter of the store. I start in the produce department, walk through the meat department and finish up in the dairy department. My eyes always look for red stickers indicating the price reduction. But I must admit that my favorite part of grocery shopping trips is locating 50% off buggy.

Let me explain to you my relationship with Mr. Buggy. When the store is about to receive in new inventory, they must get rid of the old inventory. That is how the perfectly good in date items end up with 50% off the original price stickers. Furthermore, if a can is dented or if a box is bent the red 50% off sticker enjoys the spot light of getting the shoppers attention.

At our local grocery store I have seen organic pasta for less than $1. Baby diapers become regulars in the buggy along with many other food and household items. The best part about the pretty red sticker located perfectly on the items is that I can combine coupons with the marked down price. More often than not you can end up with close to free items.

If you are a busy wife, mom, student or a full time worker, you may feel that you do not have time to clip coupons. What works for one, may not work for another and that is perfectly fine. I love coupons, my husband learned to appreciate coupons and I am sure one day my children’s play time would include clipping coupons. Thus I would recommend anyone and everyone to use coupons. But lets say that you just can not learn to get excited over $0.50 paper, than you still can save money by simply always looking for items in 50% off Mr. Buggy. Some stores have shelves dedicated to reduced items, others have buggies. Ask a sales associate at your grocery store about the location of reduced items and you won’t regret it. I promise!


  1. Aw, love you! I want to clip coupons, yet lots of times just don't. :0 Mr. Buggy is my new best friend!

  2. haha, I had to laugh at you saying "I am sure one day my children’s play time would include clipping coupons"... because that is exactly what my 4 year old does. Totally on his own he grabs old ads from the recycling box and announces that he is going to cut coupons. He does this about once a week.