Friday, July 23, 2010

My mama and I

My mom is back in Belarus, but the precious memories filled with laughter and joy are with me in the US. During my mom's visit, we went to Hilton Head to visit my American family and had a blast.

During my mom's visit we also sent out e-mails to companies asking for coupons. The result...2 coupons for free packages of coffee and a can of coffee that arrived in the mail. Furthermore, we received a letter from a compay with $100 worth of coupons for steak. I will write a seperate post on that...woot...woot.

During my mom's visit, we picked blackberries and made a blackberry jelly. I will share a post on that too. We had quite a few laughs since neither of us knew how to work the canning system.

I will treasure every second that I spent with my mama and I look forward to see her and my dad next summer. I am praying hard (and will ask if you can join me) that everything will work out for my dad to come for a visit also.

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  1. I just wanted to say I adore your blog! Also, small world we are both from Rock Hill! I have a couple questions about coupons and such. Can you shoot me your email so I can email you back my questions? My email is