Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 years down and many more to go

To most July 28th is just another day, but to me it is the day when I said “I do” to my sweet Daniel. While I should be happy that today we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary, I must admit the day is bitter-sweet. Instead of celebrating this milestone together, I am celebrating all by my lonesome. My husband is in Washington state attending a military camp and I will spend today re-watching our wedding ceremony, eating lots of chocolate, looking through the “books” and pictures.

                                                      (our engagement pictures)

One of my favorite things to do from time to time is to open “our book”. Let me explain! The first several years of our relationship, which was long distance, we documented our thoughts in “the book”. One day Daniel brought a journal and asked if I wanted to keep it for several weeks and write my thoughts down. Then when we see each other again, he would take it and keep it for several weeks writing his thoughts down. And I am so glad that we did that, because now several years later I love reading our love letters to each other and laugh from time to time!

                                                 (ladies who were a part of our wedding)
                                                   (enjoying that yummy cake)

But my husband creativity did stop with “the book”. Daniel always expressed his feelings through actions and not so much through words. About a year into our dating he showed me a “memory” book. He bought a photo album and used the slots to fill up with pictures of us and other items like tickets from concert, movies, cards that I have sent him and he even cut out a picture of oatmeal cookies from the package that we used to bake cookies together. Although on the outside Daniel looks tough at time, he does have a soft, creative, and caring spot that I adore!
                                                     (my sweet Daniel at the military camp)

There are lots of qualities that I adore about Daniel and I am thankful to be able to call him my husband!


  1. Happy Anniversary, beautiful Oxana to you and your husband!!! What beautiful pictures!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!! :-D

  2. 3 years? Why, y'all are still newlyweds! Happy Anniversary!