Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

Before my mama left to go back to Belarus, she asked me to not buy any more food. She joked that our spare bedroom is a grocery store in itself and that I don’t know half of the items that are on the shelf. Sadly, she was right and I decided to take my mama’s advice this week.

The only grocery store that I stopped by was Bi-Lo. I picked up country gravy, because the coupons were expiring and we love that stuff mixed with rice. I also picked up peanut butter to go cups, because after coupons they cost me $0.24 and my hubby loves peanut butter. Lastly I picked up Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, because it was on sale B1G1. My family loves Baby Ray and I figures since summer (grilling season) is almost over, there possibly won’t be another good sale. I figured I better stock up now.

After Bi-Lo I stopped by Lowe’s. I remembered that it was almost time for the store to change their light fixture display, so I was hoping to find a treasure. I browsed the isles and was amazed at the clearance that I was coming across. My eyes stopped at “the one” beautiful chandelier. It was originally $200 and was on clearance for $50. Although I thought that $150 dollars is a pretty good savings, I didn’t really want to pay $50 dollars out of pocket. So I decided to ask for a discount. At first I was told that manager was at lunch and I decided to wait. About 3 minutes in my waiting I saw the manager and asked for a discount. He looked and me and told me that he can sell “the one” light fixture for $30 dollars!!! I was doing my money saving dance very quietly and was thrilled at saving $170 dollars on the chandelier. Woot! Woot!

Total spent (food): $9.05

Total saved (food): $8.60

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  1. So what exactly did you say to the manager when asking for a discount?? I have never heard of anyone doing that, except if they found the item had a flaw.

    That is awesome that he said, "Yes."