Monday, July 12, 2010

Down the memory lane

As I was pondering through our quite house before my mama's visit, I looked back at my college years realizing how God has richly blessed me with friends.

I met Suzanne at church in high school, but outside of our youth group we never hung out. Even though we were just acquaintances, Suzanne’s big heart was easy to spot. During our senior year of high school, I found out that I was accepted to the University of South Carolina and would be required to pay out of state tuition. My sweet Suzanne made a video to Oprah asking to help me. Even though we never heard back from the talk show host, Suzanne’s thoughtfulness meant to me more than she would ever know. On a side note, God opened the door for me to attend USC as an instate student. What impossible with men is possible with God.

When it was time to move in to a place that I would call home for the next 8 months, I learned that Suzanne and I would be sharing not only a dorm, but also a calculus class together. Intended to study together for calculus, we quickly learned that we had much in common. Frequent trips to Starbucks (even though I hate coffee) to talk about the boys instead of math, kept us pretty busy. During the next 4 years Suzanne and I became best friends and roommates. We cried together and laughed together, but most of all she has always been there for me during the good times and the bad times. Now we are 3 hours apart both married to the guys that we dated during our college years, but the distance has not interfered with our friendship. I know that I can call Suzanne at any time and she will laugh with me, cry with me and pray for me. Her friendship is priceless to me.

I met Jill through Suzanne my freshman year of college. It only takes 1 minute being around Jill to realize that the girl is full of energy. Her laughter is so contagious that she can make the saddest person laugh with her in no time. We all learned quickly that Jill hates the color pink but loves to teach dance classes. During the next 4 years Jill became a friend, who is very dear to my heart.

And I must tell you about Lindsay! Being one year younger than the rest of us, Lindsay joined USC when we were all sophomores. We met her through a mutual friend and fell in love with the girl. You can never have too much Lindsay time…she is funny, loving and most of all the best person to watch a USC football game with. Many times my husband doesn’t understand my passion for football, when I jump of the couch and run a long side the running back to help him score a touch town (on TV of course). But Lindsay gets it! We can be a little bit too vocal at times during the games, but she is my best football buddy and will always talk to me about QB mistakes and new recruits.

And I can not leave the rest of the gang out… Charlie, Ben and Quel have made our college years memorable. Becoming friends our freshman year, we all (Suzanne, Jill and later Lindsay) hung out together creating everlasting memories. Enjoying each other’s company, we spent time watching TV together, hanging out together or cheering on our gamecocks together… the bond was unbreakable. Looking back I am so grateful for the friendship of 6 special to me people whom I will forever call my friends.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your friends! I tend to leave friends behind at each stage of my life. I have only one friend I keep in touch with from high school and college. I met her when we were 12, so she is my oldest friend.

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  2. Aw! I Love you too! Football bestie!

  3. Hey! Can you come over to my blog and post your comment again to be entered in the drawing? It disappeared somehow! Glad you are interested in the book!