Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

My mom and I had another fun week of shopping.

Bi-Lo had a yogurt sale and after coupons it was free. Needless to say, I will be eating yogurt for a while. In addition to free yogurt, thanks to my co-worker we had free eggs also. On our way home one day we stopped by Ingles and redeemed a coupon for a free box of coffee. At Aldi we pick out 4 peaches and they were as hard as a brick and not tasty at all. Grrrr…

At Publix we picked up apple sauce for $0.25 a bottle and yummy farmer’s cheese for my mama to make me farmer’s cheese filled crepes. They are absolutely wonderfully delicious.

We managed to find Kroger on our way back from a short vacation at Hilton Head and I stocked up on Gatorade. My hubby has been asking me to buy Gatorade, but I have been waiting for a good sale. Finally I found a great one. If you buy 10 bottles of Gatorade at Kroger, you automatically receive $5 dollars off at a check out. In addition to the sale, I had coupons. So after sale and coupons my total for 20 bottles of Gatorade was only $4.20.

Finally at Target I was able to pick up free Tide and face wash...woot woot for freebies.
Total spent: $15.08

Total saved: $45.98

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