Friday, July 9, 2010

Tightwad's Savings

Curnuku - so yummy!

We had a fun week around our house! My mom has cooked every day and I am certain that I must weigh 10 lbs more by now. Her food is that delicious!!! Oh and my husband must be loving having my mama around too, because she cooks lunches for him every day, unless Daniel takes my mama with him to run errands.

Spent: $36.43

Saved: $44.46

As far as grocery shopping goes, we had fun in that department too. On my way home one day, I stopped by Ingles to pick up fish for Daniel and cherries for my mama. While I was picking up cherries in the produce department, I glanced over to the natural juice section and spotted “Manager’s Special” sticker. I was thrilled to see natural OJ on sale for $1.39 down from $5.00. There were 7 bottles left with pretty green sticker that said “Manager’s Special” so I decided to use my bargaining approach. I found a produce manager and told him that I was willing to purchase all 7 bottles if he could give me an additional discount. The result? Well, the manager marked it down to $0.99 per bottle. Oh happy day!!!!

Spent: $0.29

Saved: $26.91

Later in the week, I stopped by Staples with my mom and used coupons for free paper towels but did pay for tax. We then decided to go to Earth Fare, since I had coupons for free watermelon with a $5 purchase. Since my mama was with me I figured we can get 2 watermelons for free. Oh, and I also did not want to buy anything that would require me to send money, so I decided to do the following. Since I have accumulated several coupons for free products I decided to use them to minimize my out of pocket expense. This way I was still purchasing $5 worth of products, but instead of paying with cash, I was paying with coupons. The result? I paid $0.16 for two watermelons, chips, Newman’s Own candy bar and almond butter. YAYAYAYAY!!!

Spent: $8.04

Saved: $0

On our way home, my mama and I stopped by Publix, where we purchased 4 packages of farmer’s cheese. On Sunday evening my mama made homemade curnuku with raisins. I have taking tons of pictures of my mom’s cooking while she is visiting, so I can share with you all soon.

Spent: $0


During lunch time on Monday, I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up several packages of blueberries for $1.50 per pack. Since I had a gift card, I sent nothing out of pocket. I also made my way to Kmart for super doubles. One thing my mom’s friends ask for her to bring back was a toothbrush. Simple and humbling. Instead of big gifts all they wanted was a good toothbrush. So I stopped by Kmart and bought 5 toothbrushes for nothing out of pocket to me. After coupons, I had to pay tax but I used my gift card that I obtained from transferring prescription to cover the cost of tax.

All in all we had a great shopping week and I look forward to making more shopping trips with my mama.

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